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Data To Pdf 2019

Data To Pdf is a tool conceived to answer a particular need ; extract data from excels files to create personalized PDF files.

The tool allows to configurate the differents columns to extract from excels files and the template of the PDF to use for the output. The tool also permits to configure other parameters like the name of the files generated, the directory output and so on...
Because of the way how the tool is designed, it can also accept other sources of data than excels files. (web forms, json, csv, xml, ...)

I also integrated a module to automatically format emails, link generated PDF to it and then sending them. It depends on a predefined list that could be extract from the initial excel table or other format given.

C'est fait dans l'Eure 2019

C'est fait dans l'Eure is a platform which aim to regroup every farmers and artisans that make foodstuff.
The platform is mainly an interactive map and another section that contains every news about the people present on the platform.
The map allows to see every point of interests which are defined by the platform people who sell foodstuff. You can also filter the markers by things you are interested only, add certain people to your favorite list and so on.
C'est fait dans l'Eure allows at the same time to publish and maintain news which are about the people on the platform.

It was an interesting project because the platform consist of multiple dynamic sections that impact each other.

During the development, I focused mainly on the interactive map, this map allows you to search in a predefined list of products that people are selling, to manage their favorite sellers, to look only for bio products, ...
The map also offers to locate yourself and to search for the closest artisans, this feature allows to make custom itinary between you and your destination.

The administration interface makes things easier for the webmasters to manage the products catalog or the sellers ecosystem by importing them from excels files or directly editing them from the platform backoffice. This polyvalent usage allows a simplified maintenance of the platform.

Homepage screenshot | Map screenshot

Eure-en-ligne 2019

L'Eure-en-ligne is the official website of the Eure department of France. It's a project whose development lasted few months (initialy started november 2018 and put to production in september 2019)

The Eure department wished a new look for their website, a more mordern approach and also an easier administration interface.

After listening to the client needs, we went for the Wordpress solution as it's the most suited solution for the client needs. It also helped us to build solid fundamentals for each of the website modules.
The website has an event system with opening and closing dates, a news section, a recruitment section suited for the departement needs, it integrates also different externals API and solutions to handle modules and forms.

The news and events sections integrates advanced research to look for precise location or theme.

We made that the research filters can be personalized invidually so that the users of the platform can only see news and events that interests them the most.

The website offers a simplified interface so it is easier to handle by the webmasters to manage resources and content served to final users.

This simplified interface permits aswell to customize every page resources if needed. It allows to avoid content duplication and makes it easier to maintain for webmasters which is a crucial point for a platform that serves several thousands of different resources.

Extranet / CRM - Agence Cactus 2019

The extranet / CRM for the Agence Cactus is a project that I started during March 2018 and is still under development now.

It is a complete tool made with the framework Symfony 4, the tool allows the agency to manage different part of it's business.

The platform permits the automation of different aspect of the agency business like the creation and managing process, the follow up of current project, internal communications and much more.
A big added value to the agency, this tool allows to gain a significant amout of times and a better management than before.

Borne Scanner 2019

Project's goal was to link a code scanner to a terminal for events logistics.

This installation allow to scan people invitations (that were previously generated) and to welcome them properly to the event. The application also tracks every scan, to know which person attended the event, which makes it very useful to handle the after event, like mailings, statistics and so on.

Küchen Game 2018

Küchen Game is a small app developed especially for an event organized by Küchen Spezialist in which the company offered 80 000 € of reduction for their clients.

The game consisted of a wheel in the style of a slot machine, when you activated the start it would spin and then stop to show the customer the amount he won in reduction.

The application would also allows to print the result for it being use when buying products from the company.

Illustration jeu

Illustration jeu

Cap’O Rhin 2018

Cap’O Rhin is a group project for a fictional client, it was a part of my studies at the CCI of Colmar.

Logo Cap'O Rhin
Event's Logo

The universe of the website is based on the festival theme, more precisely the Cap'O Rhin festival which take places beside the Rhin. The event offers many artists and an animated camping !

The goal of the project was to create a website from scratch with a MVC architecture provided by CodeIgniter. During the creation of the project, there was a lot of constraints and imperatives like the use of the framework CodeIgniter, the use of the Smarty template engine and really short delays to make the project.
Fortunately, even with these lots of constraints, we could achieve a complete and polished website.

The website allows a complete and simple navigation, a ticketing system, camping gestion, and so on. The backoffice allows to man,age every content of the website, to see contacts, manage the ticketing system and much more.

Mockup homepage | Mockup artist's page | Project's specifications

Scorpions Mulhouse 2018

Official website of the hockey team of Mulhouse city, the « Scorpions de Mulhouse ».

Started in September 2018 and put to production the same month, the project consisted of a complete new look for their website in the occasion of the new hockey season.

The project benefits from a more modern look and a visual identity much more pronounced.
The development of the website needed the integration of externals API to gather games data and also the creation of a webscraper to gather specific informations from several websites dynamically.

Website's screenshot

El Furchetti 2017

El Furchetti was the first complete project that I made. It was an exercice as a part of my studies at the CCI of Colmar.

The goal of the project was to develop a complete website and before that to realise every mock-up of it (which explain it's design...)

This project made me developing a complete assets architecture which aim to be polyvalent, easy to maintain and easier templates integration.